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How Lincoln Took Over Cadillac’s New Tagline

By Kevin Harrison There are some rivalries in life that get so heated it's hard not to be entertained by them. The Canadiens vs the Maple Leafs for example. Or Coke vs Pepsi. In the car world, there's BMW vs Audi, but the domestic brands have been known to get scrappy with...
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Cadillac To Introduce Digital Rear View Mirrors

By Katie Crowell Cadillac has just introduced an industry first in the name of safety: a digital rear view mirror. The advantage of a digital rear view mirror means no obstruction from passenger's heads, rear headrests and rear pillars. This is accomplished through digital streaming video which GM says improves the field of...
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Cadillac ATS-V To Make Its Debut In Los Angeles

Cadillac is quickly becoming the go-to company if you're looking for a luxury performance oriented sport sedan, unseating many of its German rivals with ease. Next up in its performance sedan lineup is the smallest car in its portfolio, the ATS, making a 'V' performance variant. The rumour mill pins the...
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Luxury Cars Set to Be Launched in 2014

By Andrea Jayson With only few days to a New Year, many manufacturers are working tirelessly to come up with the best at the same time luxurious cars for the year 2014. As we get close of the year, let us have a Look on These Luxury Cars Set to Be...
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Cadillac Escalade To Soldier On For Now

Bad news, Greenpeace. The Cadillac Escalade will exist past 2013. After mass amounts of criticism from environmentalists, motorists and even auto enthusiasts, GM is going to keep the Escalade alive to see another generation, much to the excitement of...
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Oh Hi: 2013 Cadillac ATS

Behold, Cadillac's answer to zee Germans.

The ATS is essentially a baby CTS that is meant to give the typical compact German performance sedans a run for their money. Specifically, Cadillac wants to eat away...

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