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Review: 2019 Ford Expedition Limited

While SUVs may not be at the top of my vehicle preference list, I do somewhat have an appreciation for large, full-size SUVs because the majority of them are still proper SUVs. What’s a proper SUV? It’s one that has a body-on frame, or rides on a truck platform. The common...

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Review: 2019 Ford Ranger XLT

Usually it’s a performance laden muscle car, a $100,000 German luxury sedan or a spritely roadster.

But this time it was a Ford Ranger.

I am of course referring to the amount of attention I sometimes get from the press vehicles I drive....

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Review: 2018 Ford Mustang GT

Sometimes the car Gods smile upon you. I found out that Ford Canada was finally willing to send an interesting vehicle to Atlantic Canada for review for a change. And that vehicle was a Mustang with a V8. I was hoping Ford would keep the streak going by equipping it with a manual...
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Review: 2018 Ford Explorer Sport

Years ago I had a neighbour who only bought used Ford Crown Victorias in white., usually ex police interceptors. He said he did so not because he genuinely loved older Crown Vics but because he loved how the public's driving habits and etiquette seemed to change when he was on...
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Review: 2018 Ford Escape Titanium

We all know that the Mustang is an important vehicle for Ford, purely from a branding perspective. The Mustang name is worth more than its weight in gold – everyone knows what it is, a majority of people have owned one or aspire to own one, and it continues to...
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Review: 2017 Ford Flex Limited Ecoboost

By Kevin Harrison Usually auto manufacturers send all-new vehicles or significantly updated models each week for me to try. However, Ford decided to buck the trend and send me a vehicle that hasn't been significantly updated since 2013 and around since 2008; the Flex. And to make it even more puzzling, Ford has...
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Test Drive: 2017 Ford F-250

By Robert Nichols Trucks have been steadily getting larger and larger. This trend seems a bit silly in the ½ ton market wherein what is essentially a work vehicle has become a more macho replacement for the minivan. Where this seemingly ridiculous size does make sense is in the ¾ -...
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Test Drive: 2016 Ford Focus RS

By Robert Nichols Ford should give owners of Focus RS’s unlimited access to their corporate legal teams, or in the very least a prepaid X-Copper gift card. This car will cost you your license in no time. I drove a Nitrous Blue 2016 in November when the temperature was hovering around...
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