How Lincoln Took Over Cadillac’s New Tagline

By Kevin Harrison

There are some rivalries in life that get so heated it’s hard not to be entertained by them. The Canadiens vs the Maple Leafs for example. Or Coke vs Pepsi.

In the car world, there’s BMW vs Audi, but the domestic brands have been known to get scrappy with each other every now and then too. One of the most notable rivalries is Cadillac vs Lincoln.

In terms of sales and product portfolio, I don’t think too many people would argue that Cadillac has the upper hand, however Lincoln has just made a rather blatant move to get the spotlight focused more on them.

You may remember that Cadillac revealed its new CT6 sedan during a commercial which aired during the Oscars. Cadillac also introduced a new tagline which read “Dare Greatly – only those who dare drive the world forward”.

As Autoblog recently discovered, if you googled Cadillac’s new tagline it would appear in the search results, but another interesting website would appear as well. Beneath Cadillac’s website was a link to Lincoln’s website along with the tagline “Dare Greatly – Its not about making a statement, it’s about doing what you love”. When clicked, it took you to a homepage about the 2015 Lincoln MKZ. Moments later, the site was taken down.

As it turns out, it could have been a smart move for Lincoln. When the Cadillac spot aired within the first hour, searches for ‘Cadillac’ jumped 120% over searches that took place pre-Oscar coverage. That means a lot of people also saw Lincoln come up in their search results.

Lincoln has yet to acknowledge the little stunt even happened. But one thing is for sure, this won’t be the last we hear of the Cadillac vs Lincoln saga.


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