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Russia Bans Homosexuals, Transgender Citizens & Other “Deviants” From Driving

By Kevin Harrison Russia has reportedly taken steps to ban homosexual and transgendered people from obtaining their driver's license. According to the International Business Times, the new policy affects anyone who is a "deviant". Their list supposedly includes:
  • Homosexuals
  • Transgender people
  • Anyone with "sex disorders" (the Russian government claims fetishism, voyeurism, exhibitionists etc....
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Top 5 Modern Advancements In New Vehicles

By Kevin Harrison It's pretty amazing how quickly technology can advance an industry and the automotive sector is no exception. At, we test brand new vehicles each week and thus, get the opportunity to try out the latest and greatest technologies being stuffed into new cars. We thought it would be...
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Why Amber Turn Signals Are In Decline

By Kevin Harrison Is it just me, or has the number of new vehicles on the road with amber turn signals been in significant decline? If it is just me, please disregard the rest of this article as diluted nonsense. But trust me, if you actually take the time to count how...
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