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Test Drive: 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

By Kevin Harrison It seems Lincoln really wants Atlantic Canadians to take a serious look at the MKZ Hybrid. In the six or so years that I’ve been receiving press cars, Lincoln has only sent three models for review. And guess what, all three of them were MKZ Hybrids. This is odd since...
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Ford’s Future is Electrifying

By Kevin Harrison For Ford, the future is electrifying. With two plug-in hybrids and one fully electric vehicle already in their line-up, Ford sees its current offering as a reflection of what Canadians are looking for today and what they could be looking for in the future. "It's a part of our entire...
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Test Drive: 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

By Kevin Harrison So, you’ve forgotten that Lincoln exists… I don’t suppose anyone could blame you. After decades of Ford slapping on a Lincoln badge to Ford product, there wasn’t really a compelling case to pay the premium for one. Therefore, no one really bought any Lincolns. That’s why you’d be forgiven if...
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