Cadillac To Introduce Digital Rear View Mirrors

By Katie Crowell

Cadillac has just introduced an industry first in the name of safety: a digital rear view mirror.

The advantage of a digital rear view mirror means no obstruction from passenger’s heads, rear headrests and rear pillars.

This is accomplished through digital streaming video which GM says improves the field of vision by about 300%. The video has 1280 x 240 TFT-LCD display screen with 171 pixels per inch – another industry first.

The technology is expected to make its debut on the company’s new flagship CT6 sedan which is expected to go on sale late next year.

Is there an actual back-up mirror (excuse the pun) in case the video malfunctions or ceases to function altogether? Seems like that should be addressed.

What do you think of GM’s digital rear view mirror?

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