Lincoln to Dabble With the Addition of a Performance Line?

Quick, name the last performance vehicle made by Lincoln.

Give up? Couldn’t think of anything? Yeah, me neither (and I honestly couldn’t be bothered to do a quick google search). But that means its been several decades since anything remotely performance related came from the mostly forgotten brand. That may change, according to a new rumour.

In order to become a credible contender to brands like BMW’s M,  Audi’s RS, Mercedes-Benz’ AMG and Lexus’ F performance divisions, Lincoln is reportedly considering creating their own performance line. Considering Lincoln’s best selling models are those equipped with all-wheel drive and Ford’s turbocharged eco-boost system, injecting a little bit of performance into the mix seems like the next logical step. In fact, since Lincolns are mostly just rebadged Fords anyway, they might be able to come up with something creidble by using the Ford Taurus SHO. Other than that, the only product they have that they could actually add some serious performance to would be the MKZ, and possibly a hotted up MKX. Either way, if Lincoln is serious about taking on the aformentioned brands, they need to expand their lineup anyway.

A Lincoln spokesperson gave a typical PR non-answer response when asked what the possibility was of adding a performance division saying ” (We are) studying the luxury automotive market very closely in defining Lincoln’s future.”

After they’re done “studying” they’ll quickly find that the other brands are miles kilometers ahead of them in terms of performance, design, luxury, and new technology. So you better stop studying and take some action, Lincoln. Fast.


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