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Review: 2018 Kia Stinger GT Limited

You only have to look at the current automotive market trends to know Kia might find themselves in a bit of a pickle in the near future. It’s in plain sight: people are ditching mid and full-size sedans in favour of SUVs and crossovers. Currently, Kia has three mid or full-size sedans...
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Review: 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Sport

A huge shift is currently underway in the automotive industry and it’s old staple passenger cars that are being dealt a terrible hand as a result. Ford is rumoured to have canceled plans to revamp its mid-size Fusion for 2020 and it has already mentioned it won’t sell its smallest offering,...
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Review: 2018 Honda Clarity Touring

Some people are surprised to learn that Honda, not rival Toyota, was the first mainstream automaker to mass produce a hybrid vehicle, known as the Insight. As such, you’d think Honda would take the lead in terms of evolving the technology and developing new standards. But oddly enough the first mass...
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Review: 2018 Ford Escape Titanium

We all know that the Mustang is an important vehicle for Ford, purely from a branding perspective. The Mustang name is worth more than its weight in gold – everyone knows what it is, a majority of people have owned one or aspire to own one, and it continues to...
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Review: 2018 Tesla Model S P100D

A frequent question I get asked is, what is the fastest car you’ve ever driven? Before the second week of February this year, my answer to that question was the Ferrari F430. The playful Italian can propel itself with gusto from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. But now the F430...
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Review: 2018 Jaguar F-Pace S AWD

Prior to our trip to the Canadian International Auto Show this year, I shopped around to see what sort of press vehicles would be available to use during our journey. To my surprise, still available was a Jaguar. Naturally I got excited, but then something donned on me. Toronto’s roads have...
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Review: 2018 Toyota Yaris SE

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know: According to Toyota, the Yaris is named after Greek mythology. Within Greek mythology ‘Charis’ is known as a symbol of beauty and elegance. ‘Ya’ is German for ‘yes’ and it apparently refers to how Toyota perceived the European market’s reaction to the styling. Put...
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