See Ya! Hummer Brand to Wind Down

pinkhummerHummer will be no more.

The sale of the brand to Chinese company Sichuan Tenzhong has apparently fallen through as GM announced “the orderly shutdown of the HUMMER operations”. There is no word on what caused the breakdown of the sale. Maybe there is some involvement of gang related activity again? The Chinese Triads perhaps?

Hummer has long been the whipping boy of environmental groups for its overall excess and has long been the vehicle of choice for rappers, rock stars and even politicians (we’re looking at you, Arnold).

To celebrate pay respects to Hummer shutting down, we figured the embarrassing tastefully modded pink Hummer H3 you see above would be an appropriate homage.

But seriously, as much as we dislike Hummer, any loss of brand in the car industry is painful to take for most petrol heads. In this case, there will be one thousand plant workers now out of a job.

Like Saturn and Pontiac, GM is promising to  honour warranties along with service and parts support to Hummer owners around the world.

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4 Responses to "See Ya! Hummer Brand to Wind Down"

  1. Thanks for using the image of MY hummer h3. Next time please ask before you use it. Thanks!

    • Hi N,
      Didn’t see any copywrite claims on your image. If you don’t want people to use it, maybe don’t publish it on the internet. Thanks!

  2. Hahaha I have the same exact one, minus the tires.

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