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Why Amber Turn Signals Are In Decline

By Kevin Harrison Is it just me, or has the number of new vehicles on the road with amber turn signals been in significant decline? If it is just me, please disregard the rest of this article as diluted nonsense. But trust me, if you actually take the time to count how...
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BMW M3 & M4 Pics Leak

It was bound to happen. The anticipation of what the M3 and its two door brother the M4 will look like can finally come to an end, and I think we can all agree there's nothing shocking here in terms of design. Still, the M3 & M3 keep things looking aggressive and...
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BMW M4 May Become Turbocharged

Now that the 4-series has officially tipped its hat, the  M4 is  up next to make its official debut. With that said, a recent interview with Matt Collins, one of BMW's project manager revealed that they are in no rush to push the M4 into development because it has "got...
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