Audi Goes After Mercedes-Benz…Again

Audi is starting to act a lot like Stephen Harper. Just attack your competition rather than letting your product speak for itself.

Audi has taken several jabs at BMW over the past year to which BMW has responded to, but ultimately BMW has stopped responding to the prodding. Which is just as well. As entertaining as ad wars are, it does get old every now and then. Apparently Audi doesn’t know when to stop though.

They’ve also taken digs at Lexus and recently, they’ve turned their attention to Mercedes-Benz. Their last jab was in this ad.

But the latest jab targets Mercedes-Benz only insinuating that Benz’s are full of old non-innovative technologies, referring to the current S-Class. Audi is of course comparing it to their newly redesigned A8. Much like GM’s tig at an older Hyundai (posted below) this is a bit of an unfair fight. Of course the new A8 will have more new technology than an old S-Class design. When the redesigned S-Class comes out, then you can compare them, but until then this just seems like an unfair fight.

All these attack ads of late kind of make Audi seem like the bully of the sport luxury car world. You make great cars Audi. Let your products to the fighting for you.


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