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Ford B-Max Coming To Canada

When Ford introduced the B-Max concept, it was largely speculated that the little 5-door MPV would not see our Canadian roads. Now it seems that it will.

Ford CEO Allan Mullaly recently put speculation to rest by confirming the...
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Oh Hi: 2013 Ford Fusion

Oh hey there, pretty young thang. Ford has released official images of the new Fusion and stylewise, it's a winner for sure. Part of the reason might be due to the fact that this is actually the new Mondeo for Europe...
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Oh Hi: 2013 Ford Flex

It's not even 2012 and yet 2013 models are starting to show their faces. Case in point, Ford has released images and new details on the refreshed Ford Flex. The Flex has always been a bit of a polarizing design with some saying...
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