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Oh Hi: 2012 Ford Focus ST

Volkswagen has the GTI, Mazda has the Mazdaspeed3, Volvo has the C30 T5 and now another hot hatch will be available for us to choose from.

Finally, after what seems like decades of waiting, Ford has decided...
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Test Drive: 2011 Ford Edge Limited

By Kevin Harrison When I was in university I befriended a guy named Matt who was such a political junkie he could have made Rex Murphy sweat. His political enthusiasm wasn't limited to Canadian politics either, he could have eaten Bill...
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Civic Regains Canadian Sales Crown

Honda must be happy about this. After experiencing a sales slump and some tough criticism on new products it must be comforting to know that their most recognizable model, the Civic, is still quite popular with Canadians. It was the best...
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Ford Sues Ferrari over F-150 Name

What a mess this is. Ford has recently filed a lawsuit against Ferrari after it found out that the Italian brand was planning on naming its upcoming Formula One racer the "F150". As you probably know, Ford calls its half ton...
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