Is BMW Interested In Acquiring Saab?

By now you’ve likely heard that Saab has filed for bankruptcy and, as a result, administrators have opened the floor to bids on the Swedish car brand.

Saabs United is reporting that there is about 6-7 bidders interested in acquiring the brand and one of them is a German brand located in Munich. Guess which famous German brand resides in Munich? That’s right, the blue and white roundel.

BMW has openly stated that they would like to expand their portfolio of owned brands which includes Mini and Rolls Royce and they have also said that they are interested in dabbling a bit more in the front-wheel drive segment – something that Saab has done for better or worse in their long history. Considering how BMW was able to inject some excitement into the front drive Mini brand, there is no doubt that a BMW-Saab partnership would come up with some very interesting product. Or perhaps a Mini-Saab partnership is more likely as previously rumoured.

Other companies said to be interested in Saab are, unsurprisingly, a slew of Chinese companies and one Indian company.

[Saabs United]

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