BMW to Make 135i Even Better Without Calling It An 'M'

Damn. Look at those wheels. And the overall awesomeness.

Ahem, oh sorry. We have an incredible soft spot for the 1-series and get caught up in our own little world when we see them sometimes, especially the tastefully tuned ones such as the tii version above.

And now we’ll have even more reasons to day dream about them because BMW is reportedly going to up the ante of the 135i which is possibly one of the best driver’s car’s around. It was originally thought that BMW was going to make an ‘M’ version but it has decided against it for two reasons:

a) It would likely have to be called ‘M1’ and that is just blasphemy compared to what the original M1 was

b) Most importantly, it would likely end up being as good or maybe even better than the M3. And it would be cheaper too. Having a model under the M3 in the portfolio that is better than the M3 is a big no-no. It’s a bit like vomiting on the Queen – something you definitely do not want to do.

Therefore, like the 335i, the 135i is expected to get an ‘s’ after its name. Not quite as good as an ‘M’, but better than just a regular ‘i’. Following BMW’s alphanumeric lingo yet? Good.

The 135is will reportedly get 320 horsepower and 332 pound feet of torque from a tuned version of the incredible twin turbo inline six. It may even carry an over boost feature which would up the torque to 370 for selected periods of time. There will obviously be adjustments done to the suspension to cope with the added power.

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