BMW M3 & M4 Pics Leak

It was bound to happen.

The anticipation of what the M3 and its two door brother the M4 will look like can finally come to an end, and I think we can all agree there’s nothing shocking here in terms of design.

Still, the M3 & M3 keep things looking aggressive and fantastic, as you’d expect. Along with M badges pretty much everywhere, you can differentiate the M brothers from their lesser variants by looking for a faint dome on the hood, strakes in the front fenders, a more aggressive front and rear fascias, quad tail pipes and gold calipers which also signify carbon ceramic brakes.

In terms of power, they will both get a twin-turbocharged six cylinder producing 425 horsepower with a six speed manual or a dual clutch automatic.

Options will include 19 inch wheels, LED lights, park assist and side and top view cameras.

Below are more pics. What are your thoughts on the M brothers?




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