Kobe Bryant & Smart Fortwo Brabus Save the Day

Ever wonder what would happen if you put Kobe Bryant in a Smart Fortwo? Well apparently they make a dynamic duo.

Smart is looking to up its sales in China so they came up with the odd combo marketing campaign. In the commercial, an art thief makes off with, um, art. A woman, presumably the owner or creator of said art chases him out into the street. It becomes painfully apparent that she’ll need some wheels to keep up. She then causes all traffic to stop and has a choice between a Chevy Corvette and a Smart Fortwo Brabus. Bucking the trend, she goes for…you guessed it, the Smart. Turns out, the driver is Kobe Bryant and she commands him to follow the thief. He does so, for some reason, and then we see a cool sort of chase throughout the streets of China. Presumably they used a stunt driver for most of these scenes. As you might have guessed, in the end, the thief was caught by Bryant in a way only he can do.

So I guess the point of this commercial is to bust the myth that Smarts are really small (inside anyway) since a major league basketball player can sit inside and that Smart cars are not boring city fuel misers.

Think it worked?

[Advertising @ Chinasmack]

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