Mini Coupe & Roadster Engines Revealed


Yes, Mini is planning on building them and they are expected to offer an even sportier driving experience than any Mini before it. Considering how good the Cooper S is, that’s a very tall order.

Along with a much sportier look the coupe will be more powerful than the Roadster. The engine that will help the Coupe get its juice will be 1.6 litre twin scrolled turbocharged engine taken from the John Cooper Works Edition. This can only mean that the next iteration of the John Cooper Works will likely have more power. The 1.6 is capable of producing 211 horsepower and 192 pound foot torque. Sweet!

The Roadster will get the same engine from the Cooper S – also a 1.6 litre making a healthy 175 horsepower and 177 pound foot torque.

No word on pricing and/or options yet, but right now consider us to be very intrigued. The pictures you see above are technically concepts, however they look very much production ready so expect what you see to be very similar to what will actually be sold in dealerships. Speaking of, an official unveiling of the Coupe & Roadster is expected in 2011.

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