Suzuki Canada Will Keep Selling Cars For Now

Just one post below, I mentioned how Suzuki Motor Corp in the states announced that they will no longer sell passenger vehicles due to slow sales and high foreign exchange rates among other things. In fact the company filed for bankruptcy. It was expected that Suzuki Canada would follow suit. That’s apparently not the case. They will stay the course and continue to offer their full line.

While Suzuki Canada faces many of the same challenges that their American counterparts do, they remain confident that their line-up reflects Canadian needs:

“Our two volume vehicles, the SX4 (especially the iAWD Hatchback) and Grand Vitara, are perfectly suited for the Canadian climate and I think that it is common knowledge that Canadians purchase smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles versus the American consumers, which fits nicely into our product offering,” said Bill Porter, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Suzuki Canada.

Still, Suzuki Canada is not a volume seller. They only sold 565 vehicles last month, but they are optimistic since at the start of the year they were selling around 300 units per month.

I must say, this is good news for a lot of Canadian workers. It’s also good news for automotive journalists since I, for a long time, have been quite intrigued with the Kizashi sedan. I may still have the chance to review one!

[The Globe & Mail]


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