Toyota May Add Two More RWD Sports Cars To Its Lineup

Is Toyota sick of being known as the sensible brand?

It appears so if Car Advice is to be believed. They spoke with the chief engineer who designed the Scion FR-S (which is called the GT 86 everywhere else in the world), Tatsuya Tada about it.

Akio Toyoda always says to me, Toyota sports car [family] should be three sports car brothers. 86 is in the middle,” said Tada. Indeed, I would imagine Toyoda would be very unimpressed with Toyota’s all bread and butter lineup today.

So with the FR-S being the ‘middle brother’ that leaves room for an older and a youngest. That means a Supra successor as the older brother and possibly and MR2 successor as the youngest.

Tada wouldn’t comment on names, but he did confirm that both would be rear wheel drive saying, “”Yes it is rear-wheel drive and that’s Toyota’s strong position – Toyota sports car must be rear-wheel drive.”

To that end, it is rumoured that the other sports cars would be partnership based like the FR-S/BRZ is. And just who is rumoured to the be partner? BMW. Toyota and BMW have already reached an agreement to co-develop engines so it’s not completely unlikely that they could build a whole car together. Or even two.

What do you think about Toyota supposedly wanting more of the sports car market?

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