BMW M4 May Become Turbocharged

Now that the 4-series has officially tipped its hat, the  M4 is  up next to make its official debut. With that said, a recent interview with Matt Collins, one of BMW’s project manager revealed that they are in no rush to push the M4 into development because it has “got to be as good as it can possibly be”.

There have been plenty of spy shots of the M4 hitting the track for testing, but now some light may be shed on its power plant. While Collins wouldn’t confirm the M4 getting a turbocharged engine, it’s extremely likely given the M5 and M6 have gone the way of the turbo. That means a turbocharged inline six is likely.

Collins did say that the M4 will feature light-weight materials taking from what they learned with their new i sub-brand. The i3 and upcoming i8 are expected to have the latest in light-weight technology.

Photo Credit: Motor Authority

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