Thieves Stealing Porsche Headlights to Grow Marijuana

Whenever I see a Porsche, I think to myself: what a brilliant piece of machinery. Whenever a pot-head sees a Porsche they apparently think: those headlights would be ideal for growing mass amounts of weed.

Most Porsche owners are terrified of having their rides nicked, but Porsche owners in Amsterdam need to be afraid of having their rides’ headlight units nicked for the very reason mentioned above as there are now as many as 20 cases being reported.

The xenon in the headlight units from the Porsche Panamera and the Cayenne give out the absolute right amount light, quality and heat to grow the perfect batch of marijuana plants. So to marijuana enthusiasts (who, let’s face it, are quite numerous in Amsterdam), getting a hold of those headlight units is more valuable than the vehicle itself.

Each headlight unit costs as much as $500 to replace – that’s a grand for the deuce, not to mention the damage made to the vehicle in order to remove the headlight.

So now that you know that a Porsche headlight is great for growing marijuana plants… uh, don’t do it?

[The Daily Mail]


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