Porsche Macan Shows Its Face

As I mentioned a while back, Porsche is planning on making a mini Cayenne to help please the less rich masses and to help parent company Volkswagen take over the world. Back then it was rumoured that that name of the baby Cayenne would be ‘Cajun’ but that’s not the case. It will be called the Macan.

As expected it looks almost exactly like a minimized Cayenne – even the tail lights are almost identical. Expect the interior to have a similar set up as well as the drive.

The biggest difference, aside from the size, will be the power train options. It’s already been confirmed that there will be a Turbo version, but that’s all we know for now. Transmission choice is also a mystery as it’s entirely possible that Porsche could throw in a manual transmission in there (let’s hope).

Except the production version with specs to bow at the LA auto show in a bout four months time.

Photo Credit: Autoblog

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