FAIL: In Soviet Russia, Car Drives YOU!

I’m not sure what possesses people to do crazy things with their cars, but a lot of people seem to expect them to be capable of anything.

Case in point, a couple of men in Russia deemed it possible for their Bentley Continental GT to handle the elements of off-roading. Not only that, but they also figured they might as well attempt to do a few donuts on the grass on a very enclosed space with lots of cars and people around.

Well, they pretty much got what they deserved, but that makes it no less painful to watch.

The strange part is they seem to show off to the crowd afterward. Really? You’re proud of crashing your Bentley in a very foolish way? That’s kinda like being proud of your erectile dysfunction.


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1 Response to "FAIL: In Soviet Russia, Car Drives YOU!"

  1. Lady’s and gentlemen, I give you, THE RUSSIAN KYLE BITAR bahahahaa

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