Porsche Pushing Daily Driver Capabilities

Porsche has just released a new commercial designed to crush stereotypes of sports cars being fairly useless for daily driving duties.

Firstly, I will admit, if any super car company could make an argument for making daily drivers it’s definitely Porsche. However, in looking at this commercial there are a few things that should be pointed out:

  • Porsche claims the 911 is like a snowmobile. Not so much. An all-wheel drive version may be able to make its way through snow, but that really depends on how much snow is on the ground. The 911 has a fairly low ride height after all and in most parts of Canada it’s not uncommon to see 40 cms+ of snow. And if we’re talking a rear wheel drive version, you’ll have tons of fun doing donuts, but getting decent traction will be quite challenging if you’re not used to rear wheel drive in the snow. To be fair, Porsche did state that proper winter tires are needed and they’re right.
  • Then they liken the Cayman to a pick-up truck. A man puts, what looks like pillows but are surely bags of soil, into the trunk of a Cayman. Um, that doesn’t really make the Cayman a pick-up truck. I’m pretty sure any vehicle is capable of carrying a few bags of soil. I’d like to see a Cayman take on a tow or pay load that F-150’s take on on a daily basis before I believe that one.
  • The next claim is that the 911 makes a great getaway car and I don’t think anyone would argue that one. My only gripe is that they don’t actually show the 911 getting away from anything. Plus, unless you’re a criminal, no normal person would need to “get away” from anyone/anything on a daily basis.
  • Then they claim a 911 is also like a school bus. Since those rear seats are only useful for children (no adult would be comfortable back there) I’ll let that one pass too, though I will say that they conveniently cut away when the kids were actually getting in the back seats. Probably because that would’ve taken 10 takes. It’s no minivan after all.

What did you think of Porsche’s new marketing strategy?


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