WIN: Bees Hate Chargers Too!

My head is swarmed packed with puns and cheesy jokes right now.

Apparently in Wake County, North Carolina, a truck carrying bee hives broke down on the side of the highway. A passing police officer stopped to offer assistance and called a tow truck. The officer decided to wait with the broken down transport truck until the tow truck arrived as it was very early in the morning before sunrise. Turns out that was a bad idea because by the time the tow truck came by the sun had risen which meant it was a fresh new day for the bees.

They they came out of their hives and started swarming the officer and transport truck driver! But luckily the bees rightfully hate Dodge Chargers so much that they then turned their attention to the officer’s Charger police cruiser! Oh the hilarity! And actually the officer sought refuge in his police car, but ended up being trapped there due to the amount of bees.

Bee keepers from the University of Carolina were then called in to take care of the bees’ apparent love/hate for the Dodge Charger. When enough were taken off the car, the policeman was able to drive away.

Autoblog has a caption contest going for this story. How about:

“Sting operation backfires”

“Dodge Charger charged with swarmings”

“Officer regrets honey dip donut choice from Tim Horton’s”

“Winnie the Pooh arrested for stealing honey, bees react strongly”

“Flower has bees arrested for sexual assault, bees insist pollination”

“Choice of Dodge Charger for police force has everyone buzzing”

I could go on… unfortunately.


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