Toyota Admits Worrying Problem With The Lexus GX 460


We reported a few posts down that the slow selling Lexus GX 460 will be doing even more poorly in sales, as in no sales at all, due to an immediate stop sale from Toyota. This was because Consumer Reports found an extremely dangerous problem with the GX’s traction control system.

In aggressive or emergency driving situations, it seems the traction control doesn’t really kick in when it’s supposed to and as a result the GX suffers from tremendous over steer. In fact, due to this issue, if the GX over steered into a curb, or a gavel shoulder, it’s very likely that the GX would roll over. Consumer Reports gave the GX 460 a very rare “Don’t Buy” rating for this very reason.

Three days later, Toyota has admitted that there is a problem with the GX 460.

Lexus Spokesman Bill Kwong told the New York Times that “they duplicated Consumer Reports’ results on the GX 460 and they are currently evaluating potential remedies, but at this point there are no details of what the remedy is”.

Obviously a complete overhaul of the stability control is what the remedy is. Get to it Toyota, you’ve already endangered too many lives with your screw ups.

Still no official recall on the GX 460 from the recall-proned automaker, but expect that to happen soon.

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