The Bad News Continues: Toyota expands recall, loses 'Recommended' Accolades

4860241-lgBy now, you’ve likely heard about saga surrounding Toyota’s recall woes. The latest on the recall is that Toyota has expanded it to certain vehicles in Europe. There are no reports as to how many vehicles are affected in Europe or even if they are the same models affected in North America.

An easy way to tell if your Toyota is one of the models affected is to check on the gas pedal to see who made it. If it says Denso, then you can sleep easier at night. If it says CTS – we’ve got some bad news for you. Your model needs to be recalled.

Being known as among the best brands for reliability and safety, Toyota has generally topped many quality surveys. Obviously this new recall is causing second thoughts in potential buyers, owners and even loyal owners.

Consumer Reports tends to agree that doubting Toyota’s quality at this point is reasonable and as a result, it has suspended its coveted ‘Recommended’ status against all recalled Toyotas.  No doubt, their credibility (which is quite high among buyers) would be at stake if they keep their ‘recommended’ status on said Toyotas, but count this as another significant blow to the Japanese automaker.

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