Lexus LFA Owner Gets Government To Remove Speed Bump

Have you ever come across a speed bump and thought to yourself “Hmm… I actually may not be able to clear that”? Very few people have. But it’s of big concern if you own a supercar. So much so that one individual got the government involved to remove it.

A man in Norway recently purchased the $375,000 Lexus LFA – the only known iteration in the Nordic region. The only problem was the car could not clear a speed bump in front of his house. So he got on the phone, explained his dilemma and asked the town to remove it. And wouldn’t you know it, they did.

This either means that Norway’s governments really do work for the people, or this is a typical situation of ‘your tax dollars hard at work’.

What do you think, should the government removed a speed bump for the sake of one person or is it the right of an individual to have fair access to public roads regardless of what he drives?

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