Karl Strake For President (of GM)


He has already publically said what we all were thinking about the Cobalt and now Karl Strake, the vice president for global engineering of GM has stated publicly what we all are thinking about the Corvette.

The Corvette has quite a loyal following and anyone who tries to criticize it or make fun of it will get quite the lashing. In fact, it appears some within GM are quite sensitive when it comes to Corvette criticisms. Not Strake though. He tells it like it is.

Strake said of the Corvette interior “I want to be at Audi quality. Audi is the benchmark for interiors. I’ve driven the Corvette Grand Sport and I like it a lot, but the interior is not convincing.”

Bang on. Since I’ve never driven a Corvette, I can’t comment on how it drives, but I’ve definitely sat in one and the interior is pretty sub-par for a vehicle of its price.

If Strake gets his way with these GM products, GM will be the ones setting the benchmarks.

Now tell us what you really think of the Aveo, Strake.

[Auto North]

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