How Are Car Makers Doing With CO2, Anyway?


Overall they’ve improved…slightly.

While most car companies have been focusing on fuel efficiency and pushing money savings as the main benefit to the public, the reality is they are all being forced to make better vehicles to cut back on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions as well.

The overall improvement is 2.8% over the 2008-2009 year for the U.S. The study was performed by British Consulting Firm JATO Dynamics.

Any improvement is all well and good, but there needs to be significantly more change in this area.

Can you guess the car company that improved its CO2 the most? Find out which one after the jump.

Ford is the most improved brand. It improved its overall emissions by 6.3%.

In terms of small cars, Smart and Mini took top honours, with Scion placing not too far behind.

The two best overall are the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight with the lowest CO2 emitted out of any vehicle. No surprise there.

[Green Advisor]

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