GM Kicks Toyota While They're Down

60395969To say the automotive business is a tough business is quite an understatement. No one knows this better than GM.

Things got so bad that they had to run to the government, with promises of change,to ask for money or else the entire company would go bankrupt. And both American and Canadian governments gave the A-OK to the loan, despite lots of public outrage at the mere notion of a bailout.

But now that GM is semi-back on its feet, and paying back those loans, it seems that they have all but forgotten what it’s like to be down on your luck as they are aiming at taking advantage of Toyota’s misfortune.

GM is offering Toyota owners some incentives if they jump ship. From now until the end of February, if you take in your Toyota and buy a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC vehicle you can choose from three different incentives.

Find out what they are after the jump

The incentives are:

  • Lease Customers: Waiver of three payments up to $1,000
  • Financing Customers: Zero percent financing for 60 months
  • Cash Buyers: $1,000 purchase bonus

Enough to sway Toyota buyers into a GM? Only time will tell.

Photo Credit to: Edmunds Twitpic

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