Cadillac ATS Learns How It's Done From BMW 3-Series

If imitation is one of the most sincerest forms of flattery then GM is sending a pretty big tip of the hat to BMW and the 3-series.

The newest member of the Cadillac family, the ATS, is apparently going to be a very familiar driving experience to the 3-series as Cadillac has supposedly bought various iterations of the 3-series and has stripped them down to the chasis to learn about how BMW makes the 3-series the benchmark in the sport sedan segment. Cadillac will then study, mimick and incorporate what they learned into the ATS. Sounds like they’re pretty serious about making a legitimate condender.

With that said, even if ATS succeeds at offering the driving experience of  a 3-series, it will be outdated from the get-go. BMW is very close to completing the next generation 3-series which will undoubtedly set the bar even higher. The new 3-series is expected to debut late this year. Same goes for the ATS.

I’m curious as to what Cadillac’s slogan will be for the ATS. Something like “Just as good as an older 3-series” just doesn’t seem to work that well, does it. In any event, even if the ATS is based on a previous generation 3-series, that still means it should perform very well. And with Cadillac’s typical pricing advantage over the Germans, it will position as a tasty alternative to 3-series, A4 and G37 loyalists.


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