Bumblebee Gets Into Accident With Police Car!

Bumblebee nooooooooooooo!!

Alright, I’m gonna admit, I have no idea who Bumblebee is. I haven’t seen any of the transformers movies, despite the fact I used to be into transformers as a kid (the toys) and despite the fact that Megan Fox is a major character. But I can deduce from common sense that Bumblebee is a transformer, yes? He appears to be a Chevy Camaro in his car form.

Anyway, apparently producers are in the process of shooting for the third installment of the transformers series and things have not been going so well. The video above shows Bumblebee (or the Camaro that plays him) getting into an accident with an on duty police car that was apparently on its way to a call. It’s not clear if they were actually shooting at the time of the collision, however I would assume if they were, they would have blocked off the street before hand. Unless emergency vehicles are granted special access through movie sets in the interest of saving time or something. I’m not quite sure how these things work.

What is clear, however, is that the crew of the movie seemed to be a bit more concerned about the car than the driver, which is kinda messed up. They wasted no time putting a tarp over Bumblebee so that no sneaky photogs could catch a pic of him in his crumpled state. It turned out the driver was fine though. The police officer sustained minor injuries. Judging from the video, it would seem as though Bumblebee was at fault for not yielding to an emergency vehicle.

This is just the latest bad news for the new Transformers 3 movie. Apparently Megan Fox has not been casted this time around either. An injured Bumblebee and no Megan Fox? Now there’s really no reason to watch this movie.


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