Next Generation Hyundai Elantra Touring Spied

It’s no secret that the good folks at Endras BMW are decidedly obsessed with BMW and performance but it turns out they are also good old fashioned car nuts in general as a member of the Endras team spotted this prototype in Toronto.

The shape of the headlights, the similar interior to the sedan and its overall size point to it being the likely replacement for the current (and very tired looking) Elantra Touring. As evidenced by the interior shots, the new Elantra Touring will get a manual transmission option and it even looks to be a six-speed.

I wouldn’t expect the engine options to stray too far from the sedan counterpart which has a 1.8 litre inline four that makes 148 horses.

This spy shot comes on the heels of the other flavour of Elantra, the coupe, being spied totally undisguised just a few days ago.

More details are sure to follow soon on the new hatch from Hyundai.

[Endras BMW]

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