Welcome to Canada, Scion


Canada’s newest car brand, Scion, has been confirmed for sale here this year. Toyota has decided to sell Scions here in Canada and they will go on sale this fall.

What can we expect from the supposed youth oriented brand?

Well the updated Scion TC shown above, pictured at this year’s New York Auto Show will be available for sale here.

The Scion TC is seen as a sort of successor to the Toyota Celica. It produces 180 horsepower and  173 pound feet of torque. Both a six speed manual and a six speed sequential automatic will be made available, though there is no official Canadian pricing yet. This should spice up the compact coupe segment a bit as the Honda Civic and Kia Forte Koup are mostly regarded as the front runners.

There is one other model confirmed for Canada. Find out what it is, after the jump

The Scion IQ will be made for sale here which is expected to go head to head with the Smart Fortwo. It is only slightly bigger than the Fortwo, but its advantage is that it’s actually a four seater (well, a 3+1 realistically).

The IQ will have a 90 horsepower engine and is expected to get in the 6 L/100 kms range. For comparison, the Smart ForTwo gets 5.8 L/100 kms in the city.


[Photo Credit: Autoblog]

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