FAIL: You Aren't John McClane

Alright, Die Hard 4 (also known as Live Free, Die Hard) is one of my guilty pleasures. Well, all the Die Hards are. And come to think about it, I don’t even feel guilty about liking them, John McClane is one of the most hilariously awesome movie characters ever created.

If you’ve ever seen the fourth installment of Die Hard, you likely remember when a very frustrated McClane uses a police car to “kill” a pesky helicopter chasing them through the streets with a machine gun. How does he do this? Well he drives the police cruiser to a high speed, jumps out at the last second and the police car catapults itself off the toll booth into the helicopter. It’s so stupid that I love it.

Anyway, apparently Yasmina Villasna tried to pull off something similar in her Chevy Impala. The only problem was there was no helicopter chasing her. Wait, that wasn’t the only problem. The other BIG problem was that she was allegedly drunk behind the wheel. Not cool. She wasn’t hurt and was arrested for DUI.


[Unfair Park]

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