Audi Plays the Stereotype Game With…Everyone

Audi and BMW have long been German rivals as they have both taken pretty funny shots and jabs at each other from time to time. This time, Audi has decided to take a few additional shots at two other rivals: Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.

The 3 minute spot is called “Meet the Beckers” and although it’s an oldie, it’s a goodie. The whole point of the spot is that Audi is for normal people and its rivals are for walking stereotypes.

First Audi naturally takes aim at BMW. We see a blue E46 M3 convertible speeding down the road. It is driven by a stereotypical (in Audi’s mind anyway) BMW driver which is a douchebag wearing a blutooth headset, blasting European techno music with a rather dim witted female in the passenger seat. Driving very aggressively, they catch up to a slow moving Toyota Prius which angers the BMW driver so he lays on the horn, passes on the right, cuts off the Prius without signalling all while giving the Prius driver the middle finger. Basically Audi is showcasing the stereotype that BMW drivers are inconsiderate, aggressive driving pricks who show off to girls and blast loud questionable European techno.

Then Audi picks on Mercedes owners where we see an old man who is obviously not with the times and seemingly has lots of money. He has a gold digging wife much younger than he and has trouble operating all the gadgets and gizmos in the Benz as he leaves his parking spot with the wipers on and the right turn signal on…as he turns left. We also see them splash puddle water into a homeless man begging for money as they make a turn. So basically Audi’s stereotype in this case is that all Mercedes-Benz owners are old rich white guys who have young trophy wives and don’t know how to operate their cars (insinuating they only have a Benz for the badge).

Then Audi turns its eye to Lexus owners as we see a preppy family who seemingly is happy, normal and wholesome, but really they are a bunch of freaks. The daughters aren’t quite what you’d call normal with a gothic heavy metal tendency. Meanwhile the father is clearly a neurotic nerd who may or may not be a hypochondriac. So basically Audi sees Lexus owners as boring, nerdy people who are freaks deep down inside.

Of course, Audi sees their drivers as completely normal level headed people.

Do you think all the stereotypes are accurate? Check out the video above and sound off in the comments.

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