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Oh Hi: 2013 Infiniti JX

Nissan and premium division Infiniti are well known for making boldly designed crossovers, but unfortunately that sometimes meant that functionality took a backseat to style. Well, not anymore. Infiniti has released the new JX crossover which blends both style and function...
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FAIL: Audi R8 Poseur

no-that-s-not-an-aud_460x0w In our quest to bring you the latest and greatest in the automotive world, we sometimes come across a lot of stupid/embarrassing car related pictures and videos. We tend to ignore a good chunk of them, but it seems as though...
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We Heart Wald International

wald-international-2011-jaguar-xj The pic above explains why. The Japanese company is in the business of prettying up already great looking vehicles such as this XJ by making their own cosmetic changes. Body kits, rims and tires are just some of the things they do to...
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