Toyota Brake Issues Expand to Lexus, But It May Help Them Sell More Cars


It’s starting to get to the point where there should just be a big ‘FAIL’ stamped on Toyota’s head office as these gas pedal/brake problems don’t seem to be dying down. In fact, they’re expanding.

Toyota’s Lexus division is now feeling the heat as the rookie model of their line up is now on watch for the same brake issues as the Prius. The HS250 and Prius are close cousins. Notice that they’re both hybrids? The regerative braking process used in hybrids likely has something to do with it, and is why people are complaining of unusual brake fade and temporary loss of braking.

UPDATE: Toyota is expected to announce a global recall for all 2010 Priuses in the very near future, no word on if the HS250 will be included in the recall as of yet. Toyota has officially announced a recall of 437,000 Pruises, and HS 250h’s for brake problems. Pre 2010 Priuses may be affected as well as similar problems are now being reported but there is no official recall from Toyota on previous generation Priuses just yet.

But no matter, these braking set backs may actually help Toyota sell more Priuses. Find out why after the jump.

Apparently there are people out there who are not fased by Toyota’s problems, it makes them seem more appealing.

According to research, 7.1% of buyers had the Toyota Prius on their radar before the big revelation was made. After news broke of the Prius’ problems, that number actually rose to 8.7%. Huh?

Similarly, the numbers of those survyed who had ‘purchasing intent’  went from 10.1% to 11.2%.

It is speculated that those considering a promlematic Prius are hoping to get a good deal because of it. Apparently having a car that may or may not stop is worth saving a couple grand for 11.2% of the public.

Now, this actually makes sense to us. If you’re one of those people in the 11.2% range, then that two or three grand saved can easily go towards for your funeral when the brakes fail and you get what’s coming to you for knowingly purchasing a flawed vehicle.

It’s always smart to think ahead.

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