The Nissan Quest Has A Dirty Mind

Just because you need to drive a minivan, that doesn’t mean your life is over, according to Nissan.

Nissan just released images of its new Quest minivan and more details have arised including the addition of adult entertainment in the GPS system.

That’s right, after dropping the kids off at school you can program the Quest to take you to the nearest strip club. And since the Quest is now an 8 seater you can pick up seven of your male friends to bring along for the ride (excuse the pun).

And now for the first time ever, 18 year old boys will actually ask to take the minivan instead of the regular family sedan when they’re out on a Friday night.

I can’t wait to see strip clubs with Nissan Quests minivans filling up the parking lots. Hilarious.

[Family Car Review]

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