'How to Beat the Germans' Nissan Style


Nissan is taking jabs at the Germans claiming their performance cars can do anything the Germans can do and do it better.

In a new ad campaign in the UK, Nissan touts the abilities of the 370Z and the GT-R. Both make an excellent case for being among the best in the performance world, but Nissan really wants everyone to know it.

When people think of performance, they tend to think of the German makes such as BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Well they are exactly who Nissan is taking aim at. The billboard ads feature either the 370Z or the GT-R with BMW, Audi and Porsche logos on the side of the car. Next to that is the five bar gate scoring system etched into the paint which showed the number of racing victories against each brand in the famous Nurburgring. Then the ad says “How to beat the Germans” or “The Germans came off Wurst” or “Kaisers Chiefed”.

BMW and Audi are no strangers to taking jabs at each other through friendly ads, so they likely won’t care too much, however this ad seems to have hit a nerve with Porsche. Apparently lawyers for Porsche are threatening legal action for unauthorized use of their logo. Nissan reportedly will comply, but will continue on with the campaign nevertheless.

That’s a bit of a bitch move Porsche. I mean, really? Getting lawyers involved? How about shutting Nissan up by putting your cars against theirs on the track instead?

[The Guardian]

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