Bad Volvo! 2011 S60 Gets Naughty

Even though some of their models can hold their own, Volvos aren’t exactly known for their performance abilities. With Volvo’s new ‘naughty’ campaign, they’re hoping to change that perception.

Volvo released two short 10 second spots claiming that “naughty volvos are coming” and this sparked speculation that the new S60 would have an R variant. We got pretty excited of this notion, but the new S60 didn’t even show up at the Geneva Auto Show as expected. Naughty!

Turns out the whole campaign was to just showcase the abilities of the T6. With 300 horsepower and 325 pound feet of torque, the new S60 is more powerful than the previous generation S60 R and has the same AWD system. There are three spots for the naughty campaign. Level 1 sees the S60 perform a slalom course with ease, though not really pushed. Level 2 has the S60 (now in red) drive the slalom a lot more aggressively around breakable objects. In Level 3, the S60 does the same thing as level 2, only it does it all in reverse.

There’s also going to be a level 4, but just how much naughtier the S60 gets is up to you. If you join Volvo’s facebook group you can have a say in what you want the S60 to do next. Our vote is to have the S60 do the course in reverse with the driver blindfolded. That would be impressive. Actually we’d be even more impressed if the S60 did the slalom faster than the 3 series or A4.

There’s also a naughty elk test as well!

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