The Most Efficient Cars of 2014

The recent changes in gas mileage ratings in vehicles has led to 2014 becoming the year of many changes and familiar faces in fuel economy. A car loan
is often a great choice due to the savings gained from owning these vehicles.

Passenger Vehicles

• Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Toyota Prius Hybrid continues to impress gas saving enthusiasts with the continuation of the “c” model and standard model. The 2014 model brings a whopping 4.7 L/(100 kms) in town and a midsize sedan that offers ample storage room in a hatchback. The 2014 model improved on previous models by offering an improved cabin that offers additional comfort. SofTex seats is an environmentally-friendly alternative to leather and is a comfortable material that offers full support. The car achieves high safety ratings as well with a preventative collision system and optional Lane Keep Assist (LKA) for highway safety.

• Ford C-Max Hybrid Plug-In

Ford’s C-Max Hybrid has a base 5.2 city/5.9 highway L/(100 kms) rating. The car features a tightly tuned suspension with plug-in capability to extend the range for up to 1.3 L/(100 kms). The C-Max Hybrid is versatile as well with SmartGuage technology for a very quiet ride. The electric mode also includes the capacity to travel up to 85 mph without drinking a sip of gas. The illuminated charge ports and the availability of rain sensing wipers and a navigation system make this car a high tech alternative in the hybrid market that can go far.

Performance Cars

• Audi TT

The Audi TT has a classic styling that provides an additional upgrade for a turbocharged engine. The 258-lb torque vehicle achieves a 7.5 L/(100 kms) highway/10.22 L/(100 kms) city rating. The TTS model gains 265 horsepower and only a slight reduction in the fuel economy. The Audi TT also improved appearance and handling with the S-line model series of improvements in sports steering and paddle shifters on board. The paddle shifters enable the driver to quickly shift in gear and maximize fuel efficiency by quickly engaging gears without delay. The All-Wheel Drive Quattro system is also enabled to handle rough weather and terrain.

• Scion FR-S

A car that has excellent coupe styling and a standard six-speed automatic is one that Scion brought forth in 2014 again as one that is conservative on gas. The FR-S model achieves 10.7 city/7.8 highway rating and has a powerful response of 0-60 in less than 7 seconds in manual mode. The 200 horsepower engine makes the response quick and agile in a highly attractive and aerodynamic package. The interior is simple and features carbon accents and chrome lines for a true sports car feel.

SUVS and Trucks

• Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma may look like it can take gas, but it achieves a 11.2 city/9.4 highway rating on the 2014 model easily. The 2.7L engine has a high torque for maximum pull and an electronically controlled intelligent transmission that reduces wear and tear on the vehicle. The key to the excellent fuel economy for a truck is the combination of these computer controlled systems for maximum fuel efficiency. The truck also features additional safety features such as airbag occupancy sensor and extra side-mounted and curtain airbags.

• Subaru XV Crosstek Hybrid

This Subaru vehicle wins in the hybrid sport utility category with a combined fuel economy of 7.6 L/(100 kms). It also functions well in the snow by offering All-Wheel Drive that is symmetrical for power on the road. The hybrid drive system uses a 2-liter engine. The Subaru XV Crosstek Hybrid performs well in storage and flexible cargo space. Roof rails and rear fold down seats offer space for off road adventures and hauling.

These vehicles achieve the highest ratings for 2014 in their category as well as a number of premium features that have been developed over the years. Consider test driving one of them today to find the best fit.

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