Oh Hi: 2011 Dodge Charger


Really? That’s it?

Way back since the inception of this blog we saw spy shots of the 2011 wearing a full camouflage suit. It wasn’t terribly interesting but it gave the impression that a fairly substantial redesign was in the works.

Well some fool over at Dodge left the front end of the 2011 Charger completely uncovered for prying eyes to see and it looks as though there isn’t much going on besides an evolutionary face lift. Yawn..  Then again leaving the Charger unmasked could be something done on purpose in order to hype up the car. It’s going to need all the help it can get.

We see that the new Charger is going to have a more douchy looking angrier face with more angular headlamp clusters while the grille has been redesigned to look taller and come with real fake chrome. Since Charger owners only care about raw power and nothing else (such as styling, handling, quality, fuel consumption etc) you can be assured that the new Charger will have plenty of power and that the HEMI engine will stick around.

God, I can’t wait until Fiat/Alfa Romeo gives Chrysler back its credibility.

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