Next Generation Subaru Impreza Caught!

The next generation Subaru Impreza was caught with virtually no camouflage this past week.

Baring a similarity to its big brother, the Legacy, Subaru is clearly trying to keep a design theme throughout the lineup. They hope to make Subaru a more recognizable brand. That’s all fine and good, but I’ve got to say, the production version of the Impreza is a huge disappointment from the Impreza concept car they showed off last November. That concept was hot!

The model pictured above is likely the base model which will get a revised 4 cylinder boxer engine. The new engine is supposed to help the Impreza gain some extra fuel mileage all while boosting power. Both the sedan and the hatchback will carry over along with all-wheel drive standard, of course.

Luckily, since this is the base version, the WRX and STI will likely have more aggressive styling elements added on to give it a bit more character. Oh, and obviously there will be a much more desirable engine under the hood. No word yet on WRX or STI numbers, but stay tooned for that.

For more pics of the Impreza click here.


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