Auto Journalist Damages Brand New Ferrari FF!

Oh man, this is pretty much my worst nightmare.

If When I become credible enough to be on Ferrari’s press vehicle list, I’m definitely going to ensure that this never happens to me. Which is probably easier said than done.

A fellow auto journalist for CAR magazine was given the opportunity to review the new Ferrari FF. He had a camera set up inside the car so he could relay his impressions as they occurred. Unfortunately, the camera also caught his reactions when he drove the FF over a curb!

Needless to say, his reaction was understandable, if fairly restrained. My reaction would’ve been, shall we say, stronger. As in, I would turned into the hulk and beat myself up for doing such a stupid thing. I would imagine that the folks from Ferrari felt the same way when they found out what had happened.

Watch the cringe-worthy video above. I feel your pain, fellow auto journo. I feel your pain.

[Motor Authority]

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