A Lot Of Car Names Are Funny If You Put "Anal" In Front Of Them

Despite technically being the age of an adult, I am still very immature and thus, stuff like this deserves a blog post from me.

There has always been great debate as to whether car companies should use the alphanumeric naming system for their models (i.e Volvo C30) or whether using an actual word is better (i.e Ford Focus).

Well, Rumours On The Internets just posted the list of the top 25 car names that are hilarious if you put the word ‘anal’ in front of them. My personal favourites are:

1) Anal Ram

2) Anal Intrigue

3) Anal Odyssey

Come to think of it, there are many other good ones that didn’t make the list such as ‘Anal Explorer’, ‘Anal Tribute’ and ‘Anal Journey’.

Click here to see their full list. Good stuff.

[Rumours on the internets]

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  1. Thanks for the link — I’m glad you enjoyed our findings. I saw an “Anal Tribute” on the way to work this morning and burst out laughing.

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