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Why Amber Turn Signals Are In Decline

By Kevin Harrison Is it just me, or has the number of new vehicles on the road with amber turn signals been in significant decline? If it is just me, please disregard the rest of this article as diluted nonsense. But trust me, if you actually take the time to count how...
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Test Drive: 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

By Kevin Harrison Confidence is something that a lot of us usually struggle with. We tend to second guess based on popular opinion, based on history or based purely on self-esteem. Volkswagen is a company that has once before exercised a fair amount of confidence and has had mixed results. They were confident,...
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Volkswagen to Bring Polo to North America

Ever wonder why, with Canada's love of subcompact cars, Volkswagen (who isn't shy about wanting world domination) hasn't offered anything in the segment yet? Well wonder no longer. The German automaker is apparently taking steps to bring their rather successful Polo to our shores along with a crossover version. According to reports,...
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