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Kia Is Electrifying Its Soul

By Robert Nichols The first all-electric Kia to be offered to Canadians has been declared the Motoring TV’s 2015 ‘Best Electric Car’. “It has more than acceptable range and does not sacrifice flexibility to be green,” said Graeme Fletcher of Motorin TV. “Unlike so many electric cars the Soul EV's range is...
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Test Drive: 2014 Kia Soul SX Luxury

By Kevin Harrison I like Kias. Yes, I said it. The company has improved significantly over the past decade or so and it now offers among the best of the best in terms of value, quality and style. Their latest new product such as the Cadenza, is proving they can play...
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Test Drive: 2014 Kia Cadenza Premium

By Kevin Harrison My girlfriend was recently reminiscing about the time she used to drive her step dad’s 2005 Kia Magentis to school. Even though it got her from point A to point B with minimal protest, it was far from what anyone in high school would have liked to be...
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