Yikes! Citroën Nemo Horribly Fails the 'Moose Test'

You may be wondering why we are reporting about a car that isn’t even sold here and seemingly has nothing to do with Canada.

Well, two reasons:

1) In Europe they perform standard safety tests on all vehicles sold there, one of which is called the ‘Moose Test’ (also known as the ‘Elk Test’ depending on which part of Europe you’re in). We have these types of tests as well in North America, but they are commonly referred to here as “emergency lane change” tests. Seeing as how we have a large population of moose (or is it meese?), this test is pretty relevant for us. Especally for the fine folk in Newfoundland where car-moose crashes are unfortunately quite common.

2) Fiat has a car that called the Qubo, which is essentially the Nemo with different badging. Fiat is coming to Canada and they have released their five year business plan for us Canuks, which includes an MPV down the line. It’s very possible that the Qubo will be said MPV.

The Nemo fails the test badly. In fact it failed so badly that it actually rolled over. A big reason why is that the Nemo is not offered with stability control. Luckily, the Fiat comes with stability control standard so this likely won’t be an issue should the Qubo make its way to our shores.

But, as we’ve seen, the stability control doesn’t always work at the precise right time in order to prevent rollovers.

Citroen has said, after seeing this video, that stability control will be standard on all Nemos starting in July.

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